• Enhancing the Student Experience:  student feedback has repeatedly mentioned a lack of “consistency” as a barrier to the use of Blackboard.
  • Inclusion: the Blackboard standards will help ensure the development of inclusive teaching and learning resources.
  • Additional Staff Support: to enable staff to meet and exceed the standards there is more guidance within the basic  site template.
No, the standards are not intended as “one size fits all”. Staff will still be able to adapt their sites for their needs.
There are Intermediate and Aspirational site standards that can be achieved. EDEU staff are available to support your extended use of Blackboard.
Initially, methods of monitoring are likely to be decided at school level.

You will find support and guidance

  • Help & Support Tab in Blackboard
  • Guidance within your Blackboard site

EDEU can provide training and support through:

You will find the Standards by clicking on the buttons below, alternatively you can download a copy from Blackboard here

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Sites meet all these criteria

Use of Announcements for urgent notifications and reminders
Staff profile page with contact details and availability
Module Handbook or equivalent
Appropriate learning content available through a structured content organisation, using meaningful file names and folders where necessary
Text is clearly presented using basic text editor
Every content area should begin with a description
All items include descriptive information
Accessibility: All content (text, images and multimedia) is in an appropriate format and follows accessibility guidelines
Content is displayed in line with school guidelines/policy
Web links to external resources, as appropriate
General purpose discussion forum
All appropriate assignments submitted through Turnitin
All grades available through Grade Centre
TALIS Aspire reading list
Links to appropriate Referencing Guide and submission guidelines

Intermediate sites meet some of these criteria and all Required Standards

Content to include images and additional formatting features
Content should be provided in alternative formats (pdf, etc)
All grades and feedback available through Grade Centre
Formative Blackboard tests/quizzes
Use of BB Surveys
Use of groups to provide targeted content
A class wiki
Use of YouTube mashup to embed video
Direct link to discussion forum
Direct link to Collaborate room
Additional content areas (e.g. field trips)
Adaptive release

Aspirational sites meet some of these criteria and all Required Standards

Use of rubrics for electronic assessment and grading
Collaborate sessions and recordings
Embedded content from other sources (Flickr/Slideshare/Prezi)
Enhanced use of the text editor to create formatted content
Learning module for handbook
Wikis, discussion boards fully integrated into class activities
Use of journals and blogs for student reflection
Greater use of tests and surveys
Use of Helix to add own video content or audio podcast
Use of collaborative tools and tests as assessment methods
Use of mashup tool to embed content