An updated list of Senior Tutors is included below:

College of Arts:

Name  School Email 
Vacant Architecture and Design
Sanem Sahin English and Journalism
Janice Kearns Film and Media
Robert Dean Fine and Performing Arts
Mark Hocknull History and Heritage

College of Science

Name  School Email 
John Murray Computer Science
Clare Miller Life Sciences
Matthew Watkins & Martin Greenall (Joint Co-ordinators) Maths and Physics or
Vanessa Sutton NCFM, Holbeach
Mark Brennan Pharmacy

College of Social Science

Name  School Email 
Anita Backhouse Education
Louise Brereton Health and Social Care – Nursing
Sally Riggall Health and Social Care – Health & Social Care
Karen Bayliss Health and Social Care – Social Work
Janette Porteous Law
Garry Wilson Psychology
Katie Strudwick & Jan Gordon (Joint Co-ordinators) Social and Political Sciences &

Paul Murgatroyd Sport and Exercise Science

Lincoln International Business School

Name  Division Email 
Siobhan Goggin Accounting & Finance
Alison Wilkinson Business English and Communication
Vacant Marketing & Tourism