Graduate Attributes Symposium

Delivered by: James Wadsworth and Karin Crawford

This event will launch the university’s Graduate Attribute Framework project and engage participants in a programme of short talks from stakeholders, before entering into discussions about how graduate attributes might work for the University of Lincoln.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of bespoke University of Lincoln Graduate Attributes.
  • Raise awareness of current sector practice regarding Graduate Attributes and how we align to this.
  • Discuss frameworks and principles for the development Graduate Attributes.
  • Create an initial plan for the development and roll out of Graduate Attributes.
Learning Outcomes
  • Identify the concept and value of Graduate Attribute frameworks.
  • Identify sector practice and research findings related to Graduate Attribute frameworks.
  • Discuss the options for developing the Graduate Attribute framework at UoL.
Who should attend? All staff who have an interest in student skills development, curriculum design and employability.
Pre-requisites required? None
Maximum number 50

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Alignment to UKPSF
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A1 K2 V1
A2 K3 V2
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A5 K6
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